Big Brother tag and Google Reader

I use Google Reader as my primary feed reader, and I read a lot of feeds. I like to see every item that comes down the pipe from news sites such as Slashdot, Digg, and BoingBoing. Recently I discovered a way to tag individual items (stories) in Google Reader, and I also figured out that I can share any given tag with the public.

So, without further ado,
Items marked “bigbrother” via Philip (RSS feed)

Now you can join me in my paranoia of the Big Brother State.

im in ur billboardz, bombin ur Boston

LED MooniniteHow could anybody possibly mistake an LED mooninite for a terrorist threat? We clearly have a growing generational gap between an out-of-touch Baby Boomer media and the up and coming Generation Next (aka Millenials, Generation Y, etc – we don’t have an identity yet). Aqua Teen Hunger Force is just a cartoon, and the signs were just LED mooninites – a viral marketing campaign sponsored by the show’s network.

Were the ads inappropriate? Certainly, with his middle finger waving around. But I don’t understand how they could have stricken Aqua Teen Bomber Force panic on a city, resulting in arrests of the men who put them up, and a “public apology from Turner Broadcasting System.” Here’s the CNN story.

By the way, here is a t-shirt in a new line of clothing found at, in a set called “Aqua Teen Bomber Force.”

NeoCon Buzzword Bingo

I am not a Terrorist!How to play:
* 1. Tune into CSPAN, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, the Fascist News Netw…errr, FOX, or even one of the traditional three networks.

* 2. Wait for a NeoCon or proxy to appear at a speaking engagement, press conference, interview, or talking head confrontation.

* 3. Mark off squares as buzzwords are used.

* 4. Celebrate any 5 in a row by shouting “I am not a terrorist” loudly enough that the perfectly legal wiretaps can pick it up.

Play now! – NeoCon Buzzword Bingo.

Just in time for the State of the Union Address – you can watch it for free live on CNN Pipeline.

via BoingBoing

Where are the left-handed microwave ovens?

We’ve moved our microwave oven into a little corner in the kitchen recently. It makes it a little difficult to open the left-hinged door. So, I’ve been searching the Internet for alternative microwave ovens with either reversible doors (like our fridge) or a left-handed door with a right hinge.

So far, nothing. Do they not exist? One expert site asked that question, and the majority response was that 100% of microwave ovens have left-hinged doors. I feel bad for all you Southpaws (I know quite a few).

In my quest, I did discover some interesting (if not useless) microwave oven facts:

  • Electromagnetic microwaves cannot produce the “Maillard reaction” (a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars) in food, which is what browns toast and caramelizes milk and honey. That is why your microwaved food tastes so bland and has a “steamed” appearance.
  • New microwave ovens are being manufactured with high-powered halogen heat lamps to create that Maillard reaction with infared energy while the microwave energy cooks the food.
  • Microwave ovens generate radio waves at 2.45Ghz, which is annoyingly close to the 2.4Ghz block of frequencies set aside for 802.11b/g WiFi. Also, some cordless phones operate on this frequency.
  • Spoons are safe to microwave, however, forks are not. This is because the tines of the fork cause an electrical concentration which results in sparks. From experience, I know that the pointy edges of ketchup packages are affected by this property.
  • Along with metal, some foods can produce electrical arcing, such as grapes. See the video below.

[youtube width=”400″ height=”300″][/youtube]

David Nolan

He founded the Libertarian Party. I am baffled as to why he is running in our district (8). Unless of course, he lives here. In that case I’m just surprised that he lives here.

Sorry for the recent onslaught of political posts. That’s what blogs are useful for, though.

O’Reilly on Oprah

Forget Kyl vs. Pederson. Forget Graf vs. Giffords.

Oprah asked Bill O’Reilly on to her own “No Spin Zone” for a little “Town Hall” discussion. Yeah! I’m actually watching as I’m writing this, so we’ll wait and see who “wins.”

It’s getting a little tense. I love a good fight!

Update: To make things clear, I don’t think Republicans are the only idiots in Washington. Democrats are idiots, too.