Big Brother tag and Google Reader

I use Google Reader as my primary feed reader, and I read a lot of feeds. I like to see every item that comes down the pipe from news sites such as Slashdot, Digg, and BoingBoing. Recently I discovered a way to tag individual items (stories) in Google Reader, and I also figured out that I can share any given tag with the public.

So, without further ado,
Items marked “bigbrother” via Philip (RSS feed)

Now you can join me in my paranoia of the Big Brother State.

2 Replies to “Big Brother tag and Google Reader”

  1. Wow, and I thought I was all paranoid. I bet the government watches you a lot.

    BigBro1: “What is he doing?”

    BigBro2: “Reading some article.”

    BigBro1: “Gosh, is that all this guy does?”

    BigBro2: “Apparently.”

    BigBro1: “How about now?”

    BigBro2: “Trying to optimize his drivers again.”

    BigBro1: “Again! This is like the third time today. Why are we watching this freak anyway?”

    BigBro2: “Something about conspiracy theories. Supposedly, he is very close to cracking the truth about the rubber ducky incident of the 1980s. That and the president finds him entertaining.”

  2. BigBro1: “Whoa! Check out his vital signs! They’re off the charts… what’s going on?”

    BigBro2: “Looks like there’s a body rolling on the floor on the infrared satellite image.”

    BigBro1: “Is that crying or laughing, coming from the surveillance audio feed?”

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