im in ur billboardz, bombin ur Boston

LED MooniniteHow could anybody possibly mistake an LED mooninite for a terrorist threat? We clearly have a growing generational gap between an out-of-touch Baby Boomer media and the up and coming Generation Next (aka Millenials, Generation Y, etc – we don’t have an identity yet). Aqua Teen Hunger Force is just a cartoon, and the signs were just LED mooninites – a viral marketing campaign sponsored by the show’s network.

Were the ads inappropriate? Certainly, with his middle finger waving around. But I don’t understand how they could have stricken Aqua Teen Bomber Force panic on a city, resulting in arrests of the men who put them up, and a “public apology from Turner Broadcasting System.” Here’s the CNN story.

By the way, here is a t-shirt in a new line of clothing found at, in a set called “Aqua Teen Bomber Force.”

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  1. personally i think the ad campaign was successful… we should think about planting bomb-like LED light characters around Tucson to advertise for Refuge.

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