April Fools

I hate the Internet on April Fools. In other news, Blizzard has released a Tinfoil Hat item in the WoW Armory, wireless power is now available, Google has released Gmail Paper, The Pirate Bay found a permanent location (the North Korean embassy in Stockholm, Sweden), and Julianne Moore is set to play Dana Scully in… Continue reading April Fools

Where are the left-handed microwave ovens?

We’ve moved our microwave oven into a little corner in the kitchen recently. It makes it a little difficult to open the left-hinged door. So, I’ve been searching the Internet for alternative microwave ovens with either reversible doors (like our fridge) or a left-handed door with a right hinge. So far, nothing. Do they not… Continue reading Where are the left-handed microwave ovens?

Avast! Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Arrrrr! Today be an imp’rtant fer scallywags n’ pirates… today be the International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Me question fer you is – be ya a Cap’n Jack pirate, a Barbosa pirate, or a Davy Jones? Ya see, matey, arrrrr! Thar be diff’rent ways’a talkin’ like a bonafied pirate. Thar be awful pirates, like… Continue reading Avast! Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Star Trek XI – Captain Matt and Mr. Ben

After reading through several unsubstantiated rumors, I decided to photoshop a mockup of Matt Damon as Captain Kirk and Ben Affleck as Mr. Spock, for the upcoming Star Trek XI movie. I can tell you now, it’s not going to work. Please, Paramount Pictures, think of the children. Source image: http://homepage.mac.com/m5comp/trekbits/

July YouTube Mashups

I guess I’m still a geek, because these are friggin hilarious! All Your Snakes Are Belong To Us (AYB / Snakes on a Plane Mashup) Star Trek Camelot (Star Trek TOS / Monty Python Mashup)

Personal Update

Fun/interesting things I’ve found around the web just recently: (Yes, this is entirely for the purpose of padding my tech/nerd karma – see below for the actual post) EPIC 2015 – A Flash animation depicting a future dystopia where Google and Amazon combine, putting traditional media out of business. TechCrunch – A technology blog that… Continue reading Personal Update