Science Fiction: A doomed TV genre

In honor of the news about SGU getting the axe, let’s take a moment of silence to remember all the science fiction stories (from this decade) that have no proper* ending because of idiot executives. Caprica Defying Gravity Dollhouse Farscape Firefly FlashForward Heroes Jericho Journeyman Legend of the Seeker Sarah Conner Chronicles Stargate Universe Good… Continue reading Science Fiction: A doomed TV genre

Video Request: Trapped in 1984

Hey everybody, here’s a track I recently put together called “Trapped in 1984.” I think it would be really cool to have some dystopian animation to go along with it, so consider this my official request for animations/videos/mashups. It’s short and sweet which makes animating easier. Download the track, see what you can do. Email… Continue reading Video Request: Trapped in 1984

Don’t Criticize the Iraq Occupation

The White House just released this Executive Order: Read it and then reread it. It’s for real. There are no 5th Amendment rights or Habeas Corpus available for anyone who falls under the specified criteria of posing “a significant risk of committing an act or acts of violence…” in regards to the Iraq occupation,… Continue reading Don’t Criticize the Iraq Occupation

April Fools

I hate the Internet on April Fools. In other news, Blizzard has released a Tinfoil Hat item in the WoW Armory, wireless power is now available, Google has released Gmail Paper, The Pirate Bay found a permanent location (the North Korean embassy in Stockholm, Sweden), and Julianne Moore is set to play Dana Scully in… Continue reading April Fools

Where are the left-handed microwave ovens?

We’ve moved our microwave oven into a little corner in the kitchen recently. It makes it a little difficult to open the left-hinged door. So, I’ve been searching the Internet for alternative microwave ovens with either reversible doors (like our fridge) or a left-handed door with a right hinge. So far, nothing. Do they not… Continue reading Where are the left-handed microwave ovens?

Flash Video

It isn’t as easy as it looks. I couldn’t get that last post to work, so I deleted it. Let’s just pretend the whole thing never happened… (why did I tag this as Conspiracies?)

Don’t forget to vote!

While you’re out there rubberstamping your favorite politicians, remember this documentary: [googlevideo][/googlevideo] HBO SPECIAL: Hacking Democracy Skip ahead to 1:09:46 for the absolute best part: a “real-world” hack of an electronic voting machine, using only a tampered memory card.