NeoCon Buzzword Bingo

I am not a Terrorist!How to play:
* 1. Tune into CSPAN, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, the Fascist News Netw…errr, FOX, or even one of the traditional three networks.

* 2. Wait for a NeoCon or proxy to appear at a speaking engagement, press conference, interview, or talking head confrontation.

* 3. Mark off squares as buzzwords are used.

* 4. Celebrate any 5 in a row by shouting “I am not a terrorist” loudly enough that the perfectly legal wiretaps can pick it up.

Play now! – NeoCon Buzzword Bingo.

Just in time for the State of the Union Address – you can watch it for free live on CNN Pipeline.

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4 thoughts on “NeoCon Buzzword Bingo”

  1. I like foxnews :(
    whats with the anti-rhetoric phil all of a sudden? All of a sudden = last 2 years….

  2. Please tell me you guys are joking. I’m not really all that serious about politics, I just like to have a little fun every once in a while.

    Shaun (Fag Toast): the last 2 years = Bush’s second term. Before that, I was about as Christian Conservative Right-Wing as they come.

    p.s. You do remember that on the Political Scale, I rank down there with the Dali Lama (and possibly Jesus, though he hasn’t ever been ranked, that I’ve seen).

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