Ultra-Minimalist Political Ad

I’m not endorsing any candidate or party, but I had to post this as it is the cheapest and funniest political ad I’ve ever seen.

Bad cops? Shame them with Hello Kitty

Cops caught misbehaving (parking illegally, littering, etc) in Thailand must now bear the shame of a Hello Kitty armband. I suggest we implement this disciplinary action in all sectors in the US – schools, businesses, retirement homes, prisons. But a Hello Kitty armband might not be enough, and they might be tempted to remove it, so I suggest we combine prisoners’ tracking bands with these Hello Kitty armbands.

Hello Kitty for everyone!


Don’t Criticize the Iraq Occupation

The White House just released this Executive Order:


Read it and then reread it. It’s for real. There are no 5th Amendment rights or Habeas Corpus available for anyone who falls under the specified criteria of posing “a significant risk of committing an act or acts of violence…” in regards to the Iraq occupation, or funding such acts. All property and interests of the “offender” will be possessed. You can also read clearly that this is specifically referring to United States persons (a group that includes United States citizens), not Iraqis and not just “Enemy Combatants” or criminals. Not that I in any way support violent acts, in protest of the Iraq occupation or otherwise. However, if the government deems you to pose a significant risk of committing (meaning prior to even committing) such an act, then this Executive Order immediately and prejudicially removes your rights.

To be fair, the Department of Treasury has responded to questions about the EO – “Tuesday’s broad executive order on freezing Iraq-related financial assets is solely intended to target supporters of the Iraqi insurgency.” But if that were truly the case, the wording in the order would need to reflect it.

Marshal Law is the next logical step. I for one welcome our new fascist NeoCon overlords.

April Fools

I hate the Internet on April Fools.

In other news, Blizzard has released a Tinfoil Hat item in the WoW Armory, wireless power is now available, Google has released Gmail Paper, The Pirate Bay found a permanent location (the North Korean embassy in Stockholm, Sweden), and Julianne Moore is set to play Dana Scully in an upcoming X-Files movie.