Speck of My Soul

I have a lot of song ideas. I tend to create short loops in Reason, or sometimes use the Voice Recorder on my iPhone, and sometimes they just stay in my head. Most of the time, those song ideas go exactly nowhere. Other times, Jenny also has a song idea, and we combine the two to make a song baby (song babies look nothing like soot sprites, pictured, just in case you were wondering). And so it was that Jenny had some lyrics and some melodies and I had some beats and some more melodies, and we begat “Speck of My Soul.” Be sure to listen to the whole ditty (it’s a full song download this time) because the ending is full of so much awesome it might actually be in danger of peeing its pants (well, it is a baby after all so I guess that’d be fine).

Download “Speck of My Soul”

Photo by monkwhy, via a CC License

Skies of Gliese 581 d

Gliese 581 d (pronunced “gleeze”) is a super-earth in the habitable zone around the star Gliese 581, in the constellation Libra (20 light years from Earth). It was discovered in 2009, and in 2011, scientists came up with a model that could explain atmosphere and liquid water on the planet. In other words, it’s a planet outside our Solar System that could support life.

My latest song Skies of Gliese 581 d features a spacey, electronic feel and uses some new components from the just-released Reason 6. As with all my music, it’s a free download and CC-BY-SA licensed, so you can remix and reuse it.

Download “Skies of Gliese 581 d”

Photo by debivort, via a CC License

(No Longer) Solo


I’m working on a solo album, and hopefully 2011 will be the year that I actually Get Things Done and finish it up. Here’s a short sample of a song that features Jenny, entitled (somewhat ironically) (No Longer) Solo. This is just a taste of what’s to come!

Update: I completely forgot to mention the most awesome part about this song – it’s our first collaboration. Jenny wrote the lyrics and I wrote the music (just like Music and Lyrics, aww how sweet).

Other songs I’ll soon have finished include The Condition, The Paradox, This Mess We’re In, and Happiness, Our Hearts Have Failed. Doesn’t that just sound fun and interesting?

Video Request: Trapped in 1984

Hey everybody, here’s a track I recently put together called “Trapped in 1984.” I think it would be really cool to have some dystopian animation to go along with it, so consider this my official request for animations/videos/mashups. It’s short and sweet which makes animating easier.

Download the track, see what you can do. Email me back or post it to YouTube (but don’t forget to give me credit for the tune).