(*gasp* A new blog post?!?)

Matt and I traveled someplace totally lame and boring last week. Hawaii. Specifically, Molokai. I know, I know. Ugh. Well, actually, the whole story about our adventure getting there is very “ugh”. Short version: insanely long security lines at Sky Harbor -> missed flight -> new flight to Kona (big island) which was 7.5 hours and an hour delay on runway -> hopper flight to Honolulu ->  all this caused us to miss our flight to Molokai -> rescheduled us on two separate flights to get there -> finally arriving on Molokai.

But totally worth it because it was soooooo beautiful! We met up with Dad, Rae and Tim there. Miles and miles of undeveloped/uninhabited land. Tons of little beaches to explore that had only you as visitors. We snorkeled, we did some spear fishing. Well, the boys did. We fished. We stayed in a beautiful condo that had papaya trees and a rooster, peacock, and two turkeys that made their rounds each day. We saw beautiful coral, reef fish and sea turtles galore. Sometimes, we were the only car on the road. The town was teeny tiny.

Here are a few snippets. You can find all of them here.  

Those rocks were an excellent snorkel spotOur beach on day 1

Watch out, fishies!
Gonna spear me some fish!

It's been a long time since a sibling picturesibling pic

We're the only ones around except for a few people on a boatHarbor – day 2

All ready to snorkel!Ready to snorkel!

UntitledFinal beach – just explored the tide pools behind me because it was too rough to snorkel

So that was Molokai in a nutshell. Such a beautiful place.

We flew back to Oahu. Matt was flying home but not until 9pm. So he and I walked to his fave place – L & L’s bbq – to eat, and walked back. Then, we packed up and drove to a beach (all of us and the doggies) so Matt could try out surfing. He caught a few waves! Next, back to the house. Matt and I were still antsy, Tim and Dad were pooped. Rae was at work. So we went to do the Manoa Falls hike. I did it when Phil and I visited back in 2010, but Matt hadn’t done it before. It’s a beautiful, tranquil place.



We finished it off with Hawaiian shaved ice. Then it was time for Matt to head to the airport. Aloha!

I stayed until Monday. We took it easy. I would take the moped down to Waikiki beach to catch some sun rays each day. I went to Kailua for a day to visit some shops I found last time. We went shell collecting. Ate lots of good food. Had a family dinner with Tim and his gf and Rae’s boys. Oh, and I got to swim with dolphins! I’ll have to do a separate post with those pictures.

I flew back Monday afternoon. As usual, I didn’t want to leave! But I’ll be back again soon.

The Cain Train Part 2

We spent an extra day in Albuquerque on the way out, and I’m glad we did. We had a lot of fun running around with Nancy and the boys (Russ had to work). The coolest part was taking the tram ride up to the top of the Sandia mountains. So cool! The tram takes you up 5,000 ft in 15 minutes. Up top it was a nice, cool 70 degrees with plenty of trails to wander.

Other adventures included Mexican food complete with green and red chilies, going to Russ’s softball game in the middle of a wind storm (while a fire raged down the street and a HUGE branch fell on top of the dugout), and delicious nightcaps.

We went to bed dreading the next leg of our trip… a whopping 9.5 hr drive. We hit the road at 6 am and soon caught up with the rest of the Cain Train. We actually made good time, despite the change in time zones and Christopher’s and my overactive bladder.

5:30 Oklahoma time we pulled up to the hotel and were greeted by Grandma and various aunts and cousins. We checked in and then got ready for dinner at 6:30. Let the reunion festivities begin!

To be continued…

The Cain Train – Part 1

Choo choo!!! Greetings from Oooooooooooo-klahoma! The Cain Train, comprised of Jerry, Marianne, Ian, Erin, Mike, Christopher, Prisca and us arrived in Edmond, OK yesterday evening. Whew!

Phil and I left Tuesday morning (ok, more like mid-morning) leaving a very sad cat behind. The latest update is that she’s been attacking Tim’s hand quite a bit. We traveled on for a whopping 1/2 hour before our stomachs prevented us from going any further. We stopped at an armpit of a gas station and had the misfortune of eating A & W for lunch. The root beer was delish! The rest…not so much. Full stomachs, nonetheless, we powered on to Albuquerque. We resisted the urge to stop and see what “The Thing?” is really all about. Instead we looked it up and listened to a NPR feature on it. Beautiful, blooming yuccas lined the freeway, giving our eyes some variety. We stopped at a gas station in Wilcox and the store window had written on it, “Can you roll your tongue?”. Random. I wish I had taken a pic. One thing I was really looking forward to was getting some fresh roasted green chilies in Hatch, NM. We spent 20 minutes trying to find some, only to find out, “No es tiempo.” Sigh. But I did find Uncle Sam! Almost to Albuquerque, only to be side tracked by a HUGE guitar advertising Hard Rock Cafe. Or so we thought. We roll up, look all over for the restaurant, only to find out it’s Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, a completely different venue. NOT COOL! 20 minutes after that misadventure we arrive and treat our disappointed stomachs to a local haunt, Five and Guys.

To be continued…

Summer is over???

Where did it go? What did I do with all that time? Oh yeah…I traveled a lot! I had a great summer, and I am actually excited about being back to work. I think a big part of that is only being at ONE school, instead of two! It is wonderful!!!! I don’t know how I ever did two schools. I am full time at Van Horne Elementary and loving it.

So to recap our summer…we went to Overgaard, Az for the Henry family reunion. Straight from there we drove out to Riverside, Ca to play worship at a youth camp (with Casas Adobes church). We came back for a week, then left again for a week in Pinetop with my immediate family. Then we were back for a week, then left to go to Rocky Point for a few days, just the two of us. We were back for a week, and then I went up to Lake Havasu to spend 5 days with my parents and Tim. So, it was lots of traveling and lots of fun!

Phil and I were given the opportunity to lead worship at Pantano this last weekend. Tristan, Matt, Neal and Jesse joined us, and we had an amazing time leading worship being able to worship through our playing. We were able to pick songs we wanted to do, crank the volume, and also really refine our playing, since we played for 3 services!! It was time consuming, but worth it. Phil, Tristan, Jesse and I will be leading worship for the Elements service starting in September.

Anyway, I’m having a blast teaching, hanging out with friends, playing world of warcraft (yes, I’m still a nerd). I’ve gotten a new hair cut, complete with highlights, and a new piercing (lip). I’m enjoying my time spent working, as well as time spent not working. My new kitty is doing great! She is growing fast, but still cute! Her and Lili enjoy each other’s company, and that was the whole reason for getting her!

I will try to be better about posting as the year goes on. I did upload pics from this summer on my flickr account, so take a look there! (They may not be organized yet though…)

And we’re off… the sequel

We are heading up to Pinetop for a week with my fam.  We are glad to be escaping the heat wave!!!  Don’t worry, we will be in civilized territory complete with internet and a laptop.  Our phones probably won’t work because we have Sprint and they don’t seem to care to make sure there is coverage in the white mountains, but call us anyway and leave a message.  We’ll be able to return phone calls via my brother’s phone that uses Verizon (smart boy).  Or send us an email (that is Phil’s preferred method anyway).

The kitties are doing great!  We are sad to leave them again, but they have each other and our friend, Jen, who is house sitting for us this time.

As for our WoW friends,  don’t worry! we’ll be online and playing probably late at night as usual :)

And we’re off…

We left town yesterday for a week. We are currently in Overgaard, AZ (somewhere in between Payson and Sholow) for a family reunion with all of Phil’s extended family. The cabins we are staying in are very nice, so far the food is pretty decent, and the weather is cooler than Tucson by about 10 degrees. I am having fun getting to know family I’ve never met before, or have not spent much time with before. I am the official photographer for the event, and Matt Munsey is so kindly loaning me his Canon Rebel XT.

On Monday we leave for Riverside, CA to join up with Lyle, Neal and Matt (Bohling) to play for a high school camp. This is our third summer playing for this camp. It is usually in Point Loma, but they moved it to Cal Baptist this year (sigh). It is going to be a long drive out there….7 hours and 56 minutes, according to google maps. Fun times.

Lili and our new kitty, who we have named Littleone, are getting along splendidly, as you will see below. We had some trouble getting her to use the litter box, but we appeared to have success before we left town (thank goodness!). We have a friend, Aline, who is kindly house sitting for us while we are gone.

Lili and Littleone