The Cain Train – Part 1

Choo choo!!! Greetings from Oooooooooooo-klahoma! The Cain Train, comprised of Jerry, Marianne, Ian, Erin, Mike, Christopher, Prisca and us arrived in Edmond, OK yesterday evening. Whew!

Phil and I left Tuesday morning (ok, more like mid-morning) leaving a very sad cat behind. The latest update is that she’s been attacking Tim’s hand quite a bit. We traveled on for a whopping 1/2 hour before our stomachs prevented us from going any further. We stopped at an armpit of a gas station and had the misfortune of eating A & W for lunch. The root beer was delish! The rest…not so much. Full stomachs, nonetheless, we powered on to Albuquerque. We resisted the urge to stop and see what “The Thing?” is really all about. Instead we looked it up and listened to a NPR feature on it. Beautiful, blooming yuccas lined the freeway, giving our eyes some variety. We stopped at a gas station in Wilcox and the store window had written on it, “Can you roll your tongue?”. Random. I wish I had taken a pic. One thing I was really looking forward to was getting some fresh roasted green chilies in Hatch, NM. We spent 20 minutes trying to find some, only to find out, “No es tiempo.” Sigh. But I did find Uncle Sam! Almost to Albuquerque, only to be side tracked by a HUGE guitar advertising Hard Rock Cafe. Or so we thought. We roll up, look all over for the restaurant, only to find out it’s Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, a completely different venue. NOT COOL! 20 minutes after that misadventure we arrive and treat our disappointed stomachs to a local haunt, Five and Guys.

To be continued…