This Week in Pictures: Barrio Hollywood and iPad love

Top Left: Mom and I explored the Barrio Hollywood festival this weekend. It was like the 4th ave street fair but on Grande and way smaller.

Top Right: Our octopus agave has shot an enormous stalk out of its center that resembles a mutant asparagus. It is now blooming it’s buds in a ripple-like fashion, bottom to top. It is a cheery greeting every time I approach my front door.

Bottom Left: iPad came out this week. Christie bought one. Phil and Tyler drool.

Bottom Right: The Barrio adventure wasn’t all that thrilling BUT I got to meet this man Sam and his amazing mustache. Classic.

Flickr photoset of Magic Carpet Golf

A Flickr set of the late great Magic Carpet Golf just made an appearance on BoingBoing. It really is sad that it’s going to become a parking lot. There are some pretty good pictures in the set. I remember one time we climbed up to the top of the Tiki Head and dropped our golf balls, trying for par on the nearest hole.

Dianne Stevens says: “When I heard the Magic Carpet miniature golf course here in Tucson was closing, I thought about that big Tiki Head and wondered what would become of it. It looks like it’s destined for the landfill, but I thought you’d enjoy the photos.”

Flickr set (via BoingBoing)

And we’re off…

We left town yesterday for a week. We are currently in Overgaard, AZ (somewhere in between Payson and Sholow) for a family reunion with all of Phil’s extended family. The cabins we are staying in are very nice, so far the food is pretty decent, and the weather is cooler than Tucson by about 10 degrees. I am having fun getting to know family I’ve never met before, or have not spent much time with before. I am the official photographer for the event, and Matt Munsey is so kindly loaning me his Canon Rebel XT.

On Monday we leave for Riverside, CA to join up with Lyle, Neal and Matt (Bohling) to play for a high school camp. This is our third summer playing for this camp. It is usually in Point Loma, but they moved it to Cal Baptist this year (sigh). It is going to be a long drive out there….7 hours and 56 minutes, according to google maps. Fun times.

Lili and our new kitty, who we have named Littleone, are getting along splendidly, as you will see below. We had some trouble getting her to use the litter box, but we appeared to have success before we left town (thank goodness!). We have a friend, Aline, who is kindly house sitting for us while we are gone.

Lili and Littleone