(*gasp* A new blog post?!?)

Matt and I traveled someplace totally lame and boring last week. Hawaii. Specifically, Molokai. I know, I know. Ugh. Well, actually, the whole story about our adventure getting there is very “ugh”. Short version: insanely long security lines at Sky Harbor -> missed flight -> new flight to Kona (big island) which was 7.5 hours and an hour delay on runway -> hopper flight to Honolulu ->  all this caused us to miss our flight to Molokai -> rescheduled us on two separate flights to get there -> finally arriving on Molokai.

But totally worth it because it was soooooo beautiful! We met up with Dad, Rae and Tim there. Miles and miles of undeveloped/uninhabited land. Tons of little beaches to explore that had only you as visitors. We snorkeled, we did some spear fishing. Well, the boys did. We fished. We stayed in a beautiful condo that had papaya trees and a rooster, peacock, and two turkeys that made their rounds each day. We saw beautiful coral, reef fish and sea turtles galore. Sometimes, we were the only car on the road. The town was teeny tiny.

Here are a few snippets. You can find all of them here.  

Those rocks were an excellent snorkel spotOur beach on day 1

Watch out, fishies!
Gonna spear me some fish!

It's been a long time since a sibling picturesibling pic

We're the only ones around except for a few people on a boatHarbor – day 2

All ready to snorkel!Ready to snorkel!

UntitledFinal beach – just explored the tide pools behind me because it was too rough to snorkel

So that was Molokai in a nutshell. Such a beautiful place.

We flew back to Oahu. Matt was flying home but not until 9pm. So he and I walked to his fave place – L & L’s bbq – to eat, and walked back. Then, we packed up and drove to a beach (all of us and the doggies) so Matt could try out surfing. He caught a few waves! Next, back to the house. Matt and I were still antsy, Tim and Dad were pooped. Rae was at work. So we went to do the Manoa Falls hike. I did it when Phil and I visited back in 2010, but Matt hadn’t done it before. It’s a beautiful, tranquil place.



We finished it off with Hawaiian shaved ice. Then it was time for Matt to head to the airport. Aloha!

I stayed until Monday. We took it easy. I would take the moped down to Waikiki beach to catch some sun rays each day. I went to Kailua for a day to visit some shops I found last time. We went shell collecting. Ate lots of good food. Had a family dinner with Tim and his gf and Rae’s boys. Oh, and I got to swim with dolphins! I’ll have to do a separate post with those pictures.

I flew back Monday afternoon. As usual, I didn’t want to leave! But I’ll be back again soon.