Summer is over???

Where did it go? What did I do with all that time? Oh yeah…I traveled a lot! I had a great summer, and I am actually excited about being back to work. I think a big part of that is only being at ONE school, instead of two! It is wonderful!!!! I don’t know how I ever did two schools. I am full time at Van Horne Elementary and loving it.

So to recap our summer…we went to Overgaard, Az for the Henry family reunion. Straight from there we drove out to Riverside, Ca to play worship at a youth camp (with Casas Adobes church). We came back for a week, then left again for a week in Pinetop with my immediate family. Then we were back for a week, then left to go to Rocky Point for a few days, just the two of us. We were back for a week, and then I went up to Lake Havasu to spend 5 days with my parents and Tim. So, it was lots of traveling and lots of fun!

Phil and I were given the opportunity to lead worship at Pantano this last weekend. Tristan, Matt, Neal and Jesse joined us, and we had an amazing time leading worship being able to worship through our playing. We were able to pick songs we wanted to do, crank the volume, and also really refine our playing, since we played for 3 services!! It was time consuming, but worth it. Phil, Tristan, Jesse and I will be leading worship for the Elements service starting in September.

Anyway, I’m having a blast teaching, hanging out with friends, playing world of warcraft (yes, I’m still a nerd). I’ve gotten a new hair cut, complete with highlights, and a new piercing (lip). I’m enjoying my time spent working, as well as time spent not working. My new kitty is doing great! She is growing fast, but still cute! Her and Lili enjoy each other’s company, and that was the whole reason for getting her!

I will try to be better about posting as the year goes on. I did upload pics from this summer on my flickr account, so take a look there! (They may not be organized yet though…)