And we’re off… the sequel

We are heading up to Pinetop for a week with my fam.  We are glad to be escaping the heat wave!!!  Don’t worry, we will be in civilized territory complete with internet and a laptop.  Our phones probably won’t work because we have Sprint and they don’t seem to care to make sure there is coverage in the white mountains, but call us anyway and leave a message.  We’ll be able to return phone calls via my brother’s phone that uses Verizon (smart boy).  Or send us an email (that is Phil’s preferred method anyway).

The kitties are doing great!  We are sad to leave them again, but they have each other and our friend, Jen, who is house sitting for us this time.

As for our WoW friends,  don’t worry! we’ll be online and playing probably late at night as usual :)

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  1. Have fun and take lots of really amazing pictures with that awesome camera you borrowed from that great friend of yours!

    I will try to be on WoW more this week too.

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