From my Garden

Easter Bouquet

Just in time for Easter Sunday…daffodils, petunias and gerbera daisies from my flower pots. They must have known.


These are my nieces showing off their delightful finished product. I went over yesterday with basically just felt and glitter (obviously other essentials such as glue, scissors, ribbon, etc) and here is the result! Amongst the many blogs I crawl, I found how to make PEEPS bunny buntings. While that one involves sewing and uniform bunnies, I gave my nieces glue and glitter to decorate each one as they please, and did my “sewing” with a hot glue gun.  I also added in eggs and chickies.  My hand was sore from all the cutting, but the finished products and those smiles were well worth it! The top one is Kierra’s (left), and the bottom is Belle’s (right).  I also love how in this picture they are standing by each other’s baby pictures. Unplanned and totally cute!

Easter Accessories

When I think of Easter, I think about frilly dresses, white patent Mary Jane shoes, white socks with lace trim, and a big, floppy sunhat. It would look quite silly to wear those as an adult, so instead I could wear these:

(Forever 21)

1. Sunglasses

2. Organza Pearls

3. Song Bird Pendant Necklace II

4. Lush Floral Dress

5. Love & Beauty green nail polish

6. Fingerless Lace Gloves

7. Scalloped Flats in yellow

And yes, this would all be worn together as one beautiful, eclectic outfit for church on Easter Sunday.

Red Pizazz

I needed mulch to help retain the moisture for my darling startlings.  Red is so much more fun than brown.