Tucson Gem Show in September?

There is nothing better than sticking your hand in a bowl full of pretty jewels or stones and letting them cascade through your fingers. I love shiny pretty rocks! Maybe that’s where Belle gets it from…

We all know about the monstrous gem show that overruns Tucson in February. But I didn’t know there was one in the fall! My friend Natasha over at Fashionalities informed me of this upcoming J.O.G.S show. What interests me is that there are jewelry making classes. Hmmm… I do plan to add jewelry to my store someday. Some classes would sure help me with that!

So, if you’re up for going, lemme know and you’ll have a partner in crime!

Photo: “Jewels” by Cayusa. Some rights reserved.

Easter Accessories

When I think of Easter, I think about frilly dresses, white patent Mary Jane shoes, white socks with lace trim, and a big, floppy sunhat. It would look quite silly to wear those as an adult, so instead I could wear these:

(Forever 21)

1. Sunglasses

2. Organza Pearls

3. Song Bird Pendant Necklace II

4. Lush Floral Dress

5. Love & Beauty green nail polish

6. Fingerless Lace Gloves

7. Scalloped Flats in yellow

And yes, this would all be worn together as one beautiful, eclectic outfit for church on Easter Sunday.


Inspired by Time

Yesterday I made this necklace from the face of a watch and some random clock hands. While driving home today, I decided it would make a good blog topic. The whole inspiration behind this blog is the different projects I am doing. And the inspiration behind those projects is time. As it is cliché-edly said, “So much to do. So little time.”

I love to make jewelry, and want to make more of it. I found these pieces  at a wholesale location of the gem show.  I could have spent hundreds of dollars at the stand where I found these, but I didn’t. However, I know about it and will plan for it next year.  I realized that I only make a piece of jewelry when I am inspired by a unique piece. Then the problem becomes that I like it so much I don’t want to sell it!

We all have time, no matter what the current quantity. What are you going to do with yours?