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There are so many new things happening right now. Some big, some tiny, but all exciting! I apologize for the recent lack of posts. I’ve been super busy with Speaking of which….

New Business

Watch out, world – is taking off! I’ve had a lot of success so far with my purses. Thanks to all my friends that have supported me! Saturday I sold my first purse on etsy to someone I did not know! Next in the works is that cartel coffee lab wants to sell my purses in their shops. There is one here in Tucson (formerly Avenue) and one in Phoenix. I’m excited for this next step!

New Computer

I am currently typing on our new iMac. It’s soooo pretty! Such a nice change from our old windows pc (ugh ugh ugh!!) This new addition is sitting on a desk in our…

New Office

(Not the best pic but oh well) We converted our guest room into an office. This has been a huge overhaul process of 3 rooms in the house. We’ve had to shift things from the old office/music room, the former guest room and my dressing room. Now the three rooms are a music studio, an office and my dressing room/craft room. The new office is mostly set, the other rooms… not so much.


New Trips

We have some fun new trips planned or in the works. We are visiting my dad in Hawaii in December. We found amazingly cheap flights out of Phoenix. Also in the works is a ski trip with our BFF’s, Neal and Connie. Obviously this is in the winter sometime, most likely the week after Christmas. Lastly, and this is still a huge maybe, but we hope to go to Asia this summer. Japan and China are a must. There are really no other details yet on that one.

New Yoga

I’ve found a great yoga class that I’ve fallen in love with! My friend, Bri, goes and I tried it Monday. Love. It was seriously the best yoga class I’ve been to. So I’m going again tonight, and am going to try to make it a regular routine!

New Hairs

I put some funk into my hair and had the ends died teal. Lovin’ it.

New Seeds

I planted my fall crop, and will soon have lots of new plants! Butternut squash, tetume squash, radishes, carrots, oakleaf lettucs, buttercrunch lettuce, spinach, red cimmaron romaine, red creole onions, white bunching onions, ruby queen beets, parsnips, turnips, broccoli, kohirabi, sweet peas, wild flowers, cilantro, dill, kentucky blue wonder beans, snap peas, Italian bush beans, bok choy, zinnias,  and… I think that’s all. I’m currently getting a nice crop of okra, a second wind of Japanese eggplants, Mexican red torch sunflowers, zinnias, marigolds, jalepenos, sweet peppers, and gourds will soon be coming out my ears.

luffa gourd

New Performance

My good friend, Crystal Stark, asked me to sing backup vocals for her performance with the Pops Symphony Orchestra. It’ll be Sunday, October 3rd 7:00-9:00 pm. It is at Reid Park, and is completely free!

Tons of wonderful stuff happening! Thanks for tuning in.

New Theme, and Hedgehogs

Pygmy Hedgehog

Pygmy Hedgehog

This post doesn’t have anything to do with hedgehogs, I just think this photo is freaking awesome.

We’re experimenting with a new theme on, one that hopefully will work side-by-side with The theme base is Mystique by digitalnature. It has a ton of options! If you are a WordPress admin, definitely give the Mystique theme a peek.

Speaking of WordPress, I just recently published a plugin called Dev Corner Badge. It’s not much (and really doesn’t do much!) but it scratched an itch so I figured I might as well share it with the world. Plus, publishing it to the WordPress Plugin directory makes it dead easy to install from any site.

Photo: “african pygmy hedgehog” by Adam Foster. Some rights reserved.

Linen Napkins

I used to wonder, “Why bother with linen napkins?”. But my recent quests to leave less of an impact on the earth has given me some ideas. There are many great reasons for using linen napkins, but one frivolous reason is simply to add a touch of elegance.  And therefore…I have some available from

Pack of 4, in "River", $12
Pack of 4, in "Groovy", $12

Newest Merchandise

Not just purses anymore, folks! There is now a “linens” category.  Here are some pics that are ok for posting on here, but def not worthy to put on my store site (when it is up and running). But that’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

close up

Also, just a reminder that name suggestions are still needed!

Name Suggestions Needed!

This summer there was a different twist to my activities – sewing! I pulled my BEAUTIFUL machine (husquavarna viking) out from the closet and set up shop. I was pretty ADD at first with it, jumping from one project to the next, barely finishing each one. But finally I settled on these purses!

And now it’s time to open up shop.  We’ve purchased, and Phil has designed this label for me:

So here is where you come in – I need help with the sub name. I.e: jennycain threads.  But that’s too generic, too blah for me. I need something that pops! As of now, the things I will be selling include things I hand-make, mostly by sewing. Items soon to come will be a duvet cover, linen napkins, place mats, curtains, etc. I hunt for vintage or recycled materials (like old sweaters and coffee sacks!).

So please leave a suggestion! And if I like your idea and decide to use it, you’ll win one of my purses! If you’re a guy, well you can give it to your gf (bonus points) or I can make you a bow tie suited to your tastes.

Good luck!