Newest Merchandise

Not just purses anymore, folks! There is now a “linens” category. ┬áHere are some pics that are ok for posting on here, but def not worthy to put on my store site (when it is up and running). But that’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

close up

Also, just a reminder that name suggestions are still needed!

5 Replies to “Newest Merchandise”

  1. Do you have more of that fabric? I would love some cloth napkins in that fabric – how much would it be for 10 of those?

  2. Did I tell you that I was going to do cloth napkins with the rest of the fabric? Lol! That’s exactly my plan. However, I don’t have enough for 10. I’ll have to see how many.

  3. Maybe I’ll just get some of those and mix and match with another fun fabric. How much are you thinking?

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