iPhone 3G Battery Life is Actually Good Now

When I first got my iPhone 3G, battery life was pathetic. I’d have to recharge the dang thing before I even got home from work. The 2.1 software update promised us better 3G reception, fewer dropped calls, but most importantly, “significantly better battery life for most users”. I had my doubts, especially since the 2.0.2 software update didn’t change much of anything.

Well, I’ve finally gone through a full battery cycle using the new software. I’ve been able to get 5.5 hours of usage and 30 hours of standby. For me, “usage” includes a ton of web browsing and using 3rd party apps, as well as talking and emailing. For this cycle, I went in and out of WiFi networks, with 3G (not EDGE/2G) enabled the entire time. My screen brightness was set to about 1/3 (as usual).

I’d say 5.5 hours / 30 hours is a pretty sweet battery cycle. That’s much longer usage than my MacBook Pro battery ever lasted (although standby hours on a MacBook Pro are much higher because of sleep mode). Based on the Apple-provided tech specs, the iPhone 3G battery is living up to its name.

Awesome, thy name is iPhone 3G 2.1

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