Twitter kills blogging

The advent of Twitter and Facebook microblogging has really put a block on my blogging consistency. Especially Twitter: if I can’t say what I need to say in under 160 characters, is it really worth saying? And so the blog goes untouched and unnoticed. And that is even as I hardly have any excuse, now that I can post entries from my iPhone using the superb WordPress app.

I started writing a science fiction book. And by started, I mean I have three paragraphs from what should hopefully become the first chapter. I’m hoping to involve robots, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality (whether through bionics or nanotech lenses). I will post some chapters here as I complete them. The final product will be released under a flexible Creative Commons license, allowing anyone to download it for free and use pieces of it in their own works. Wish me luck!

(oh, and this sci fi book will be in addition to my dieting book, “Stop Eating Crap!”)

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