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I’m disabling the comment moderation feature. This means first-time commenters should be able leave a comment and it will appear instantly. I had been policing the comments because of a recent spam outbreak, but I think it’s under control now. So, no more waiting a few hours for me to check my email and see that you’ve left a comment!

Also, with the upgrade to WordPress 2.5, we now support gravatars in the comments. See their website for more details on how to have the same avatar display on all gravatar enabled sites.

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4 thoughts on “Comment system”

  1. They’re for the “Gospel Minute” which is a short spot played on many stations. This latest one is a generic promo (not advertising a specific teaching series) and will play on KFMA the week of May 11.

    It’s not free, we definitely pay for the airtime. I’m not sure why. I would hope that at least some people are hearing them and responding positively.

  2. “I would hope that at least some people are hearing them”


    KMFA? isn’t that 92.1?

    does the gravatar work automatically (connected to my email) or what?

  3. I can see them in the admin panel, but they aren’t in this theme (probably a pre-2.5 theme). I’ll go grab the code from the default theme.

    EDIT: Well, I guess the only change in 2.5 is on the admin panel side, so I was confused. Instead, I installed a quick’n’dirty Gravatar plugin. It looks a bit on the funky, so I’ll tidy up the CSS.

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