Comment system

I’m disabling the comment moderation feature. This means first-time commenters should be able leave a comment and it will appear instantly. I had been policing the comments because of a recent spam outbreak, but I think it’s under control now. So, no more waiting a few hours for me to check my email and see that you’ve left a comment!

Also, with the upgrade to WordPress 2.5, we now support gravatars in the comments. See their website for more details on how to have the same avatar display on all gravatar enabled sites.

Combined blogs

Jenny and I are trying an experiment – combining our blogs. I imported as much as I could from her Xanga site. We’ll probably also be working on a new theme that fits the new site name – Philip and Jenny Cain: InspiredMumblings. (Hopefully it means I’ll stop ranting about politics)

Everyone should benefit – my friends will see a lot more photoblogging, and Jenny’s friends will be enlightened to the inner workings of Linux.

Also, since Jenny had a “Currently Listening/Reading/Watching” option in Xanga, I’m in the process of re-writing a plugin to have a similar function. For now:

I Am the Fun Blame Monster! Currently Listening
I Am the Fun Blame Monster!
By Menomena


wordpress-logo-cristal.jpgI recently discovered a new addition to the WordPress family: WordPressMU (multi-user). It is basically a single installation of WordPress, modified to allow multiple blogs per user and multiple users per blog. Translation: it is a near-perfect content management system for businesses and organizations who want a CMS instead of paying a proper webmaster.

I’ll be installing it on a Pantano Christian Church testing server to see if it does all we need it to do. I may have also convinced the Priority folks to do the same.

Lifehacking: Organizing Your Life

I recently stumbled upon several blogs that are devoted to a single topic – organizing your life. The buzzword for this in the blogosphere is “lifehacking.” It originated as a programmers’ term, but has recently broadened its scope to include all sorts of productivity areas.

Technology is supposed to make our lives more productive. But there are several problems that continue to elude the masses:

  • Software applications have a learning curve, and most interfaces aren’t intuitive or discoverable enough for the average user.
  • Web applications and sites suffer from this same usability issue.
  • Our lives are encompassed by massive amounts of data (both digital, paper and other). Working with data requires creating workflows, and modern technology sometimes convolves the workflow process.

The following blogs have numerous tips, tricks, hints and software downloads to make our lives more productive. These are mainly useful for people who use technology (especially the Internet) every day and want to organize their data and create productive workflows. That pretty much applies to everyone I know (a few luddites excepting). (feed) (feed) (feed)

A few posts I’ve discovered through these services that are uber-useful:
7 tips of handling your Emails without feeling overwhelmed
Merlin’s top 5 super-obvious, “no-duh” ways to immediately improve your life
RSS tips (2) How not to go mad

And of course, a general tip I always recommend is to go grab a copy of Mozilla Firefox. Learn how to use the tab feature (I also understand that Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 is about to be released to the masses, and finally has tabbed browsing, but I can’t very well recommend the insecure Internet Explorer, now can I?). Can’t install it on your work computer? No problem – just use Mozilla Firefox – Portable Edition. No installation necessary.

Since I’m a designer and I have special interest in user interfaces, the lifehack topic comes naturally to me. So, I’m going to start posting more lifehacking productivity tips (most especially relating to Google and other web applications). It really fits with the tagline I set for this blog when I started it – “Where technology and real life can meet and be friendly.”

A note to my regular readers: if you subscribe to my RSS feed, please consider re-subscribing using the new FeedBurner feed. It will help me keep track of feed statistics. Thanks!