Organic Church

Organic Church: Growing Faith Where Life HappensThis is a follow-up to Carl Cherry’s thoughts on Organic Church.

I’m reading Organic Church, too, and I’m starting see everything we do at Pantano as having organic tendencies and possibilities. Our life groups could and should be organic and self-reproducing. Many of them are a great model of a church, actually. Launching new sites and campuses can also be very organic. Community Christian Church has several examples of thriving multi-sites that have inspired the start of even more multi-site venues.

I can envision the day that I’m sitting at Starbucks, hanging out with people, and eventually get into spiritual conversations with them. Add a guitar, some bongos and maybe a DVD teaching from Pantano. That’s church!

I have seen countless opportunities in my 11 years of doing ministry where we could have done a better job at bringing Jesus to people, rather than trying to get people to church. Hopefully I can learn from my mistakes!

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