Google Has Acquired YouTube

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a special information update – Google just BOUGHT OUT YouTube for $1.65 billion. This is Google’s largest acquisition, and one of the largest Web 2.0 acquistions to date. Buy your Google stock now if you hadn’t already!!

YouTube is the most popular Internet video site, with more than 100 million videos watched a day, and Google’s own Google Video couldn’t even compete with that. Now it is assumed that YouTube and Google Video will merge content and features. This is BIG news, folks!

Update: That’s $1.65 billion IN STOCK, in other words, Google traded about 1.25% of its own shares forĀ  100% of YouTube shares. And because such a massive deal is likely to make Google’s stock go up in value, they didn’t really even pay anything for the acquisition. Amazing!

3 Replies to “Google Has Acquired YouTube”

  1. Would it pain you to know that I bought tons of Google stock in their IPO and I’m now a millionaire?

    It would pain me too, because it wouldn’t be true.

    No, see, I don’t want to buy Google stock. I want to start a company that Google will buy. In Google stock. :)

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