Google Reader

Google Reader

I know I’ve already mentioned this in a few emails to certain people, but the word really needs to get out – the new Google Reader is awesome! I’ve been using Bloglines since 2004, patiently waiting for Google to release an RSS feed aggregator. When they finally did, the result was horrid. The first incarnation of Google Reader was difficult to use, as it utilized the coma-inducing river-of-news reading style.

(For questioning minds – What is an RSS feed?)

Long story short, I have continued to use Bloglines, patiently and faithfully awaiting the day when the Google Reader Team would wake up and smell the fresh feed juju. On Sept. 28, they finally did! And I finally switched from Bloglines to Google Reader. Now reading through my subscriptions list is similar in function (and as easy as) reading through Gmail (which functions as my email aggregator). If you feel out of touch or disconnected with the ever-increasing, ever-growing Internet (and its blogosphere), use your Google Account and sign in to Google Reader. Then start reading!

If you’re reading this on my site (and not in a reader), you’ll see a blogroll containing blogs of some interesting people. Here are some other sites I read daily (copy and paste feed URL into the “Add Subscription” box in Google Reader):

Tech News
Engadget –
KDE Dot News –
NewsForge –
Slashdot –
Wired News –

Tech Blogs
Google Blog –
Lifehacker –
Planet GNOME –
Planet Ubuntu –
TechCrunch –

Boing Boing –
Pantano E-News (Pastors’ Blog) –
PCC Creative Arts Blog –

Arizona Daily Star –

And don’t forget, this blog will always have an RSS feed –