Google Calendar, part 2

Well, as it seems, Google still hasn’t activated, so it looks like we’ll be waiting forever.

But while you wait, check out HipCal, an awesome AJAX-driven calendar with some great features. While it isn’t integrated with GMail, it’ll do for now.

In other news, Google Video is now offering MacGyver episodes, along with 5 other classic CBS shows (only a few episodes per), and 3 primetime CBS shows. Now, if only I could pull a MacGyver-style move and watch these videos without breaking into my piggy bank.

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2 thoughts on “Google Calendar, part 2”

  1. Use what you’ve got: a paper clip, some household chemicals, and a friend who has the DVDs.

  2. Does that mean you have the DVDs???



    ALSO – I need to figure out how to turn on comment notify so I know when some random bloke decides to leave a message for me ;P

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