Google Calendar

I just realized that I’m not keeping a consistent calendar. I need to. But, there isn’t any offering that meets my (and most of the Web 2.0 generation’s) needs yet.

  • I can’t use Outlook Calendar. It’s too clunky, and only portable when you’re part of a corporation with Exchange, which I’m not anymore.
  • I can’t use Kontact (or the latest Linux desktop offering), for the same reason.
  • I need an online calendar. One that’s fast and “Ajax-y” (adverb for AJAX).
  • I have a Yahoo Calendar. I haven’t used it in 3 years because the interface is not intuitive enough for me to keep coming back. And, I don’t like having to use my Yahoo account for anything but spam signups.

I KNOW! I need a Google Calendar. One that integrates RSS feeds, has Gmail “groupware” hooks (collaborate meetings via Gmail), and has a nice interface. I know Google can do it, and I’m firmly believing that the only reason we haven’t seen it yet is because the Googlers have turned down every calendar mockup in hopes of launching the best and greatest online calendar service the world has seen. A Google Calendar launch would be as noteworthy as the original Gmail launch. Much more useful than any other service they have churned out of the labs (other than Google Local/Maps).

Where is it? These “wise” prophets expected it a month ago: Google Calendar Expected Tomorrow

That was obviously wrong, but is live, so there’s hope.