Northern Cali Vacay

Last week, we went to visit Connie and Neal. They are our BFF’s, and we missed/miss them terribly. At least they moved to a beautiful place to visit instead of, like, Alabama or something.

Our trip in a nutshell: Beer. Wine. Food. Beer. Wine. Oh, and sushi.

Day 1: We flew into Oakland. Connie picked us up (Neal had to work), and we spent the day in San Fran. It was Phil’s first visit! We did all the usual touristy stuff. We ate at a great farm-to-table type place called Plow. I highly recommend it!


Neal came up after work and met us for dinner at Saru (sushi). Then, we drove back to their place in San Jose.

Day 2: BEER!

We hit 3 breweries while working our way north. Moylan’s, Baeltane, and Lagunitas. Baeltane was our fave bc of their beer, and a game they had called “Cards Against Humanity”. It is played exactly like “Apples to Apples” except the cards are twisted, politically incorrect, hilarious. And just plain wrong! Example:


And the beer was excellent (all Belgians!).


We crashed at a hotel in Rohnert Park.

Day 3: WINE!! Calistoga wine tour ON BIKES!


Our fave winery was Lava Vines. They were so laid back. We sat outside under a tree, and they would come out and say “Hey, I just found this open bottle of viogner in the fridge. Wanna try it?”. Or, “Want more?” The best was Pete. He came riding in on a scooter yelling, “I just got this at the junk yard for $2!!!”. He also played the banjo. We had a little jam sesh.


And naps on benches.


After we were done with the bikolas, we went to Berkley to check out this sour beer brewery. What? A place that only has SOUR BEER?!? Yes, please.

IMG_2534 IMG_2530

Then back to San Jose to make dinner and drink some of the tasty wine we bought.

Day 4: San Jose

Just a chill day. NealCon took around to some of their fave places. We went to Santa Cruz for the afternoon and sat on a dog beach. Dinner was all you can eat sushi!


As our final night came to a close, Connie and I did our favorite bestie past time:  SATC.

IMG_2550(Isn’t that the best screen shot of Carrie?).

It was so great seeing Neal and Connie. They are our best friends. We miss doing everything together. We will be back!


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