Make-it Fridays. Or Mondays. Whatever.

This name I borrowed from my awesome friend with electric blue hair, Amanda Roberts, owner of Geek Details. She holds weekly gatherings where it’s an open invitation for people to come over and make things. I think they started at Make-it Mondays, and then she switched it to Fridays (scroll down a bit on her page to read about it). Or the other way around. Whatever. I’m contemplating copying this tradition. How fun would it be to weekly get together and make stuff together?! Thoughts?

Moving on. Last Sunday I posted about my goal of doing a weekly project. I’m happy to report that I’ve completed that goal! And, my other goal of blogging about it, obviously. My sweet friend, Keeley, told me she was excited to see what I chose. So here we go! In my ridiculously overstuffed evernote folder of project ideas, I have this tutorial for adding side panels to too-small or armpits-are-yucky shirts. I had a bunch of cheap t-shirts from Forever 21, in various colors. I loved the bright colors, but in their cheapness, they had shrunk. This was all due to the fact that they were $4 each and nothing whatsoever to do with me gaining weight ;) Here they are, all in their wrinkly glory:

(The red one I had already re-fashioned for last year’s Jimmy Eat World Concert. I cut the logo from a too-big shirt that was a too-small shirt for Phil and sewed it onto the currently-fitted-me red shirt.)

Next step, choosing which fabric to use for the side panels. That was a hard decision. I was starting with the bright blue shirt and chose a fabric.

Warning: Kitties like fabric. And cameras.

Then I realized I didn’t want any white fabric bc then that would eventually lead to yucky armpits. So I changed my mind, and I’m glad I did!


This is a knit fabric that I rescued from my mom’s fabric supply. This is legit knit from the 80’s! Love the retro-ness of it! It turned out so cute!

It was perfect for wearing to the farmer’s market last Sunday when the weather, obvious by my shorts, was beautiful! I also kept going and did the teal shirt, and also the black one.

These ones had both shrunk up lengthwise. I didn’t realize that until I had finished the teal one, so I added length to the black one. I might go back one day and do the same for the teal.

So this kept me busy this week whenever I felt like doing something productive. It also gives me a nice addition to my wardrobe for free!

On to this week’s project! Actually, I’ve already completed it, but it was so easy that I don’t think it counts. So I might have two projects to blog about next week. We’ll see …

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  1. Love it! I have a few I dont want to part with…

    I really like the black one. I love lace~~

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