Google Reader, You’ll Be the Death of Me

One of my favorite things to do on my mornings off is to make a cup of coffee (I use the Peruvian from Adventure Coffee Roasting¬†and the amazing, everyone-who-drinks-coffee-must-have Aeropress) and read my feeds on google reader. My list of subscriptions is pretty long, and they all have to do with cooking, crafting, or sewing. Any others are friends’ blogs, or just plain humorous ones. My system is to read and when I find a recipe or project I want to do, I clip it into my evernote. That way it’s tucked away for later, and I’m not overwhelmed by all the endless ideas.

I’m very good with actually following through on the recipes I clip. That makes sense. I love to cook, and well, we need to eat dinner, so that’s easy motivation. My projects, however, … yeah. I’m clipping way more than I’m actually doing. I’m not overwhelmed, just a little disappointed in myself for not taking the initiative to do them. I need that creative outlet. I have plenty of time (Sorry, not trying to rub it in for full-time working and/or mommy peeps!). Sooooooo, what’s the excuse? GOOGLE READER! I think I’m enjoying spending more time reading it and clipping ideas. Then I move on to something else, like cleaning, or errands, or laziness.

So, new goal. I will do something from my “projects” folder once a week. And then blog about it (Say what? Consistent blogging from Jenny?).

And I’m off! Right after I pick something first.

Ok, that took 15 minutes. But I have something! Stay tuned.

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