Kitchen Efficienizing (Part 2)

Backsplash Edition:

Ok, so this isn’t really efficienizing anything, but it sure is giving the kitchen some pizzazz! We’ve been thinking and exploring ways to put up a backsplash that are a) doable with our limited handyman skills and tools, and b) inexpensive. I read an article on Apartment Therapy about DIY Backsplash Ideas that pointed us in the right direction. Then somehow I came across this post about snip and stick tiles. Ooooh, seems just like something we could handle! So we set off to find the best bang for our buck. We liked these but when we added up the total it was pretty pricey. So off to Amazon we go! And we found what we wanted: brushed aluminum tiles (real metal, not plastic) that you stick on the wall, and affordable!

Handy Wall Tiles  (As seen on TV, according to the package…)

I read all the reviews (A first for me. I never think to do that, and then Mr. P asks why I didn’t!). We were good to go. I ordered 2 packs, figuring I’d we’d do this in little installments to make it even more budget friendly, and less overwhelming to get done. I even ordered a matching light switch cover! Although, I didn’t check to see that there were two light switches that would need to be covered. Sigh.

They arrive, Phil freaks out bc I didn’t consult him for the final decision, I get upset, he lays them out and sees that they will work, all is right with the world again.

Our counter(s) before: (please excuse the crappy pictures. Hopefully, you know, from previous blog posts, that I can take good pictures!).


After (still in progress!!)

Oooooh, so schnazzy!

Yes, this is a different counter than the before, because I didn’t think of this blog post until after we had started.

p.s. See those cute little gnomes? They are salt n pepper shakers! Felipe gave them to me on our anniversary. All together now: Awwwwwwwww! I think they may be making future appearances.

Obviously we aren’t finished. We need to cut some tiles to go around the switches, but I’m really scared to do that because it has to be very precise. Did I mention these tiles are (supposedly) cuttable with scissors? Neato!

And that area didn’t even take up a whole pack. If we decide to do another row up, then it probably will. But I ordered two, so the other side of the sink can be done too. Yay!

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  1. Are you kidding me? This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Let me know how they are to live with, k?

  2. I’d put those tiles on a 45, since that will help out with any areas not square – let me know if you guys need any help!

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