Kitchen Efficienizing (Part 1)


Yes, I know that’s not a real word.

My latest project has been to efficienize the kitchen. Felipe would always complain about how hard it was for both of us to make dinner together in there. He said once, “We need a more efficient kitchen!” So that got me thinking… I couldn’t do anything about the actual space, but I could do little things here and there to make working together run more smoothly. Now don’t assume we had a messy, cluttered kitchen. I actually keep a very tidy kitchen (excluding the usual pile of dishes that need to be washed…). I had already de-cluttered the kitchen counter. I had organized drawers and cabinets. My space where I stand to cook is actually an ideal triangle between the stove, counter/sink, and fridge. But there was definitely room for creative improvement.

So my first goal was to make a pot rack! Those ones made out of pegboard. I really am quite proud of this solution I came up with. I HATED squatting down and reaching in a deep cabinet for a pot or pan. And then if I emptied that cabinet, I would have room for our food processor, ice cream maker, and ice tea maker. Don’t judge. Those are¬†necessities¬†in our life. Those 3 appliances were crammed in whatever nook I could find. I researched how to make a pegboard pot rack and set to work. Note, if you are a cute girl and you go alone to home depot and *ahem* non-flirtatiously ask the lumber guys to cut wood to precise¬†measurements, they will.




I gorrilla glued. I drilled. I painted. I knocked over the board and scuffed it. I sanded out the scuffs. I painted again. I knocked it over again. I sanded. I painted. Kiki knocked it over. Sigh. I’m such a handyman girl! Dot dot dot. I let Phil do the installation after all that.

A few weeks later and I am very pleased with this solution. I love just walking over and grabbing a pot off the wall. I love the color it brings to the kitchen. I love having all my appliances neatly tucked away and not next to toppling tupperware or precariously balancing on the edge of a shelf. Huzzah!

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  1. That is cool! However, I think it is the Home Depot guys job is to cut wood to measurements. Those guys do it a lot for me, and I only flirt a little bit ;-)

  2. Crap, which Matthew is this? Harrison, Bohling or Munsey? My guess is Bohling!

  3. haha! He was my first thought but it threw me off that he used Matthew instead of Matt!

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