“Help Jenny With Her Garden” Party!

Last Saturday, six friends came over to help me build a new garden in the front yard. They were bribed with food and booze did it out of the goodness of their hearts. Why was I building yet another garden? Because we finally figured out the problem with my stunted veggie production. The location! Here is how their days were going:

Sun rises, birds sing, music  from nowhere serenades the start of the day

Wow this shade is great!

Arggggggggg my eyes! My skin! I’m burning! I must be in hell! (aka it’s noon and the hottest part of the day)

Whew! The heat is gone. But I’m too fried to produce anything. I’m just going to curl up and protect myself. Sucks for the other plants that have to get sun until nighttime.

And there, my friends, was the problem. The plants need sun all day from the minute they are planted. That helps them acclimate to the increasing heat. A garden in the front yard would be south facing and receive sun all day, especially during the winter when the sun patterns change. So a new garden bed in the front it is! Bonus – it’s irrigated out there. Woot woot! Here are some snaps of the fun:

Manly men digging up the hard soil


Yes, us girls actually did work, not stand around looking cute.




Sweaty and fed


Thanks everyone! You're the best!