Bountiful and Bountifail (Garden) Part 10

Baby watermelon, along with baby bell peppers, are the cutest thing in the world! This is a Sugar Baby Watermelon. I’m so excited for these! Watermelon is my favorite fruit (and for those that know me, there is a very limited selection of fruit I like). This will only grow to about 8″, which I prefer. I can trellis it since the melons don’t get very heavy. It will also turn almost black when it’s ripe. I’m so excited! Oh, I said that already.

There is also another baby growing.

So tiny and fuzzy!

Last year I planted these, but they were shaded out by my over abundance of sunflowers. These guys want lots and lots of sun, and lots and lots of water. So this year I made sure to plant them in a mostly sunny area. I could’ve planted them somewhere sunnier, but it’s hard to judge the sunniest spots for the summer 3 months ahead of time. I planted these in March or April, and they take 85 days to maturity. That puts them about on schedule, maybe a little delayed due to the cool spring. They like the soil 80 degrees or above. So for these…bountiful!


Update: 8-13-11

After wondering why my melons were not growing and were a bit squishy to the squeeze, I learned that they were not pollinated. Sad day!!! No new babies since these either. Very sad day!


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