Bountiful and Bountifail (Garden) Part 9

Beans! Specifically, different varieties of green beans. I ain’t shellin’ no beans yet. The baby ones pictured are Romano Flat Italian Bush Beans. They are pretty much self explanatory. The other two types are Kentucky Blue Wonder Beans and Rattlesnake Beans. I’m most exited for the Rattlesnakes, because they are so unique looking!

I planted the beans in March. Beans sprout insanely fast. The problem with beans is the heat here. As soon as it heats up, they stop producing. So I started getting a few Romanos in May, but not many. I felt like I should’ve gotten a nice crop because the spring was so cool. I have yet to get any Kentuckys or Rattlesnakes. However, I didn’t plant the ‘Snakes until end of May. The Romanos are currently producing again, although those babies aren’t growing very fast. The Kentucky is flowering, but no sign of beans yet. The Rattlesnake started flowering last week, and the flowers are purple!

So pretty. I think these ones will do the best because they are getting shade right now, thanks to the neighbors shrub growing over our wall. They are also intertwining with the peppers and lemon cucumber, and those are all having a happy companionship right now. ┬áLast year I planted regular ol’ green beans, and had the same problem. They grew and grew and grew, and didn’t produce until fall, and then I had lots. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but next year I will maybe try starting a few indoors in February. So with these my analysis is… Meh, neither. I’m not overly pleased with them, but I’m not mad at them either. The vine ones take up only vertical space. If I had known the bush beans were going to grow so slow, I maybe would’ve planted them in a different spot and planted less. I’m just neutral on this one.