New Song (well, new recording)

I recorded a song today. I can’t say it is new, because we wrote the acoustic version several years ago. But finally, it has a full complement of instruments. It’s called “Please Tell Me Who You Are.”

UPDATE: Here’s a link to our MySpace Band page, since the direct link stopped working.

UPDATE 2: Someone asked me where I recorded this. Heh! In my home studio! Here’s what I used to make magic:

  • Drums – programmed in Reason using the Redrum and Groovemasters Kit 2
  • Synths/Piano – programmed in Reason (Maelstrom/NN-XT Grand Piano A)
  • Acoustic guitars – Yamaha FG-335 recorded into Sonar using an Audix OM-5 and blended with a little bit of direct (pickup) signal
  • Electric guitars – Gibson Les Paul recorded into Sonar using a PODxt Live with custom patches
  • Vocals – Recorded into Sonar with an Audix OM-5
  • Mixed in Sonar and mastered in T-Racks

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  1. Dear Phil,

    You have my deepest gratitude for using the word ‘complement’ correctly. You are not one of the mass of blogging riff-raff.

    Respectfully yours,
    Mrs. Hagedon

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