New Pantano Christian Church website

We launched the new PCC website on Saturday. I did much of the backend template/PHP work on it (other folks were doing design and content). It’s running on WordPressMU (multiuser), which is indescribably perfect for this and many other CMS needs.

In the process of setting things up, I’ve had to learn PHP, WordPress functions, and even MySQL queries. My Linux experience helped with the programming bits. I can now comfortably say that I understand the WordPress Loop and the template system. On Pantano’s site, I had to hack the Admin template, and I even had to edit and add some functions of my own.


Ministry Tip of the Day: Don’t be cheesy

Pat RobertsonCheesy –
Of poor quality through being overdramatic, excessively emotional or clichéd
a cheesy song
a cheesy movie

Corny –
1. Insipid or trite
The duct tape and wire were a pretty corny solution.

2. Hackneyed or excessively sentimental.
The movie was okay, but the love scene was really corny.

When planning sermons, lessons, books or songs, don’t be cheesy or corny. It doesn’t work (unless you are a Christian comedian, in which case, repent immediately). :)

Anyone of a sensible upbringing or intelligent background shouldn’t appreciate cheese, corn, fluff or frills in their theology. And, any Millennial, regardless of background, loathes these things. If you’d like your message to be heard, understood, and appreciated, then know your audience and keep things real.

Just love.

I finally listened to the Catalyst podcast episodes with Rob Bell (pastor of Mars Hill). I recently made conversation with some friends about what we consider “deep” or “profound” in reference to sermons and worship. Rob Bell, in my humble opinion, is deep. Not lofty theological, but intelligent and challenging even while stating what might appear as the obvious.

From the podcast: “God is glorified when we do good. That’s a sacrament in itself; that’s an act of worship. To turn every act into a utilitarian purpose (I’m doing this in order to get…) makes everything pragmatism. And what you have Jesus saying is, no, it’s not love ‘in order too’ or love ‘so that;’ it’s love. Period. Just love. Period.”

He goes on to say that the Church should revolutionize by not gathering for the purpose of gathering (a common interpretation of Hebrews 10:25), “but get together so that you can inspire each other to go out and change the world.”

Link to the Catalyst Space
Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes
Link to Mars Hill Bible Church


wordpress-logo-cristal.jpgI recently discovered a new addition to the WordPress family: WordPressMU (multi-user). It is basically a single installation of WordPress, modified to allow multiple blogs per user and multiple users per blog. Translation: it is a near-perfect content management system for businesses and organizations who want a CMS instead of paying a proper webmaster.

I’ll be installing it on a Pantano Christian Church testing server to see if it does all we need it to do. I may have also convinced the Priority folks to do the same.

Workaholic or just stupid?

I just finished calculating the hours I worked for the past 2 weeks (my pay period at Pantano), and my Pantano total is up to 70 hours, which doesn’t include whatever I’ll be working today. In case you didn’t know, I’m an hourly employee only contracted for 60 hours in a pay period.

Now here’s where you say “big deal, most people work 80 hours in 2 weeks.” Yeah, well, there’s more. The other ministry hours I put in, whether it be through the Refuge Center or through Priority, pushed my grand total up to 103 hours (still not including today, and assuming that Overflow on Friday will be loaded out by 10pm).

So now you’re saying “lots of people work hard and do ministry.” Yeah, well, my work happens to be the same job as my ministry, so it’s easier to feel overloaded. I’ve spent 103+ hours doing sound tech work and playing guitar.

Tomorrow night: Overflow worship concert at the U of A
Saturday: Women of Virtue Conference (and then regular Saturday service)

Next Sunday through Tuesday is an All Staff Retreat for Pantano, so I’m hoping the drive to Prescott and the stay will be relaxing and recovering.

Update Oct 11, 2006: The staff retreat last week was a nice “quick” getaway from such a hectic schedule. More importantly, Jenny and I are leaving Friday for a 5-day retreat to Northern Arizona. We’ll be town-hopping and mostly relaxing. God is good!