Just love.

I finally listened to the Catalyst podcast episodes with Rob Bell (pastor of Mars Hill). I recently made conversation with some friends about what we consider “deep” or “profound” in reference to sermons and worship. Rob Bell, in my humble opinion, is deep. Not lofty theological, but intelligent and challenging even while stating what might appear as the obvious.

From the podcast: “God is glorified when we do good. That’s a sacrament in itself; that’s an act of worship. To turn every act into a utilitarian purpose (I’m doing this in order to get…) makes everything pragmatism. And what you have Jesus saying is, no, it’s not love ‘in order too’ or love ‘so that;’ it’s love. Period. Just love. Period.”

He goes on to say that the Church should revolutionize by not gathering for the purpose of gathering (a common interpretation of Hebrews 10:25), “but get together so that you can inspire each other to go out and change the world.”

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