HD and Digital TV: Who needs cable?

Some people have asked us why we still don’t have cable television, even though we have an HDTV. Well – the numbers speak for themselves. Cable is crap. Here are the most recent Nielsen rankings. Ironically, all of the shows on the top 10 lists for both Broadcast and Cable TV are broadcast in HD. That fact aside, the numbers show that millions more are watching broadcast.

Broadcast TV ratings for May 1

29 million viewers for the highest ranked show – “American Idol”
10 million viewers for the 10th ranked show – “Law and Order: SVU”

Cable TV ratings for May 1

8 million viewers for the highest ranked show – “The Sopranos”
2.6 million viewers for the 10th ranked show – “NBA Playoffs: Lakers/Suns”

Plus, if we had cable (or satellite), we’d have to pay an extra monthly fee for actual HD programing. So, by paying that extra, we would lose HD programming that we have now (WB, FOX, UPN, and PBS) and would gain Discovery HD, ESPN HD, TNT HD, HBO HD, and Universal HD. Well, we watch PBS HD for documentaries, we hate sports, and we rent movies. Everything else shown in HD on cable is wholly inappropriate anyway. I do enjoy television, I just think that cable/satellite is rendered pointless with the advent of digital TV. Our over-the-air channels look and sound much better than even digital cable channels! Of course, this is strictly speaking from the point of view of someone in market 71 (Tucson). YMMV, especially if you live in some backwoods town in Montana.

Google Calendar, part 2

Well, as it seems, Google still hasn’t activated calendar.google.com, so it looks like we’ll be waiting forever.

But while you wait, check out HipCal, an awesome AJAX-driven calendar with some great features. While it isn’t integrated with GMail, it’ll do for now.

In other news, Google Video is now offering MacGyver episodes, along with 5 other classic CBS shows (only a few episodes per), and 3 primetime CBS shows. Now, if only I could pull a MacGyver-style move and watch these videos without breaking into my piggy bank.

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Review

I posted a review of the movie over at NarniaWeb. I was slightly less than satisfied, but I need to see it again before making final judgement. From the review:

I can’t decide about the film score. I will say that the use of electronic drums, electronic pianos and harpsichords throughout didn’t fit at all. It sounded like Mannheim Steamroller in spots, and like a Hans Zimmer action movie at other times. You’re dealing with 1940s London, and Narnia, a whole different world that one could argue was based on a mixture of Greek and medieval England. A full classic symphony would have worked better, with the addition of various eclectic instruments (old world, NOT digital) that fit the scene or character. There were no strong themes, except for Tumnus’ lulluby. The end credit music was a horrid joke.

Not quite Lewis, as I expected, but not quite a good movie either. They hired all the right actors and found the perfect scenery, and got the best CG team on the job for the animals, and still the screenplay, directing, and soundtrack really brought it down a level. It could’ve been my favorite movie of all time, (or at least the first movie in my favorite series of all time). I will go see it a second time and try to pretend I don’t know anything about Narnia. We’ll see how it goes.

Read the whole article: http://www.narniaweb.com/reviewShow.asp?id=775