Caribbean Cruise: Part 2

Day 5: St. Bart’s

This island is very small, French, and very ritzy/expensive. Fancy shops lined the streets (Louis Vitton, Cartier, etc), and everything was in Euro, which is not cheaper than the dollar.

We had to tender in (aka, take a small shuttle boat). Huge cruise ships cannot even get close enough to tender. I had fun exploring by myself in the morning. I got to try out some (very basic) French, and snap tons of beautiful pictures.

Just your average street …


Pretty foliage


The shutters on windows were one of my favorite things to look at on every island.


Wandered up a hill, and got a stunning view of the harbor.


Went back to the ship, ate lunch, dragged Phil out, walked to Shell Beach.


It’s called Shell Beach because …

There are (tumbled and smooth) shells everywhere!

That pile to my left is all shells.

More photos of St. Bart’s here.

Day 6: St. Kitt’s

Happy Thanksgiving! I had to spend it alone until the BBQ dinner later that night. Phil was suuuuper busy getting everything set up for it.

So I wandered out on my own …

Did some shopping …

Wandered around Basseterre …


Went back to the ship, ate lunch with Phil, then caught a taxi with a Swedish couple from the ship to South Friar’s Bay. It was … alright. I was actually quite disappointed because it looked like a California beach, not a Caribbean beach. There was tons of seaweed. And there was a tractor digging over on one side so it wasn’t even peaceful. I know, I know … I shouldn’t complain. But I’m just being honest!


I headed back to the ship around sunset. I watched the most gorgeous sunset from the ship!


During this they were preparing for the Thanksgiving BBQ. They set up tables all over the pool deck.

Phil and his tech crew were busy doing sound checks.

I was quite busy myself …

Let the festivities begin!

The musicians put on a show. I became good friends with that cute little lady in the middle, Amanda.

Our friends, John and Bridgette, from Denmark, joined us at our table.

Then it turned into a dance party!

Happy Thanksgiving!

All pics from St. Kitt’s here.


Next up – Antigua and St. Lucia!



Caribbean Cruise: Part 1

Well, we have been back to reality for about a week and a half now. It was definitely a vacation I did not want to end! For Phil, it wasn’t so much a vacation. He worked most of the time. However, I was able to drag him out from time to time.

All in all, we visited 7 gorgeous islands – Tortola, St. Barts, St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia, Grenada, and Barbados. Neither of us had ever been on a cruise, and neither of us had been to the Caribbean. Check that off the bucket list!

Here are some highlights:

Day 1: We fly Tucson -> Dallas -> Ft. Lauderdale. We board the ship, and then the muster drill begins!

Then there was a little soiree on the pool deck.

That was pretty much it for our first day/night. A few more photos here.

Day 2: Sailing, sailing. And sea sickness. It’s a small ship (only 400 people), and so did not have the stabilizers that the huge ones do.

I lounged by the pool all day.

There were various activities scheduled all day, too. I tried out the pilates, a few lectures, and the Captain’s Welcome. More pics from day 2 here.

Day 3: More sailing.

I discover breakfast room service (EVERYTHING on this cruise is free).

Another day at the pool. I tried a yoga class, exercised on the treadmill, ate and drank a lot. That night was “Informal” night. A jacket is required.

Phil had to work, so I hung out at the bar on the pool deck. As it turns out, it’s a great place to make new (European) friends! Phil was able to join us later. Meet Axel and Monica from Germany.

I’d say more pics here, but these are all the pics from this day.

Day 4: Tortola, British Virgin Islands. A beautiful and quaint little island. Phil had to work, so I explored, shopped and then took a taxi to the beach. He was able to get out for about a half hour later in the day, so we walked around a smidge.

Main Street

Taxi ride to the beach

Cane Garden Bay

I came back to the ship and got Phil.

Then back to the ship for another formal night.

More beautiful pics of the island here.

To be continued!


Our Adventures Around the World Continue

I’ve been sitting on some exciting news, waiting for it to all be officia before officially announcing it to the world. Well, I think everything is official enough. And plenty of friends know already.

Phil will be doing several contract jobs for Silversea cruise line over the next year(ish) to install and program new sound equipment on their ships. Why is this so exciting, you may wonder? Because it will be done while the ship is cruising! They have multiple shows and venues on each ship, and he will need to program the new equipment for each one. And why am I so excited for this new (temp, side) job of Phil’s? Because I get to go with him! We are a package deal, y’all!

Our first trip is in November. We will be cruising around …


The Caribbean!


That’s right. Phil gets to work while cruising around Caribbean Islands. And I get to play, errrr … help him. Just like in China :)


It’s a 9 day cruise. We’ll leave from Ft. Lauderdale and visit the British Virgin Islands, St. Barts, St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia, Grenada, and Barbados.

A HUGE thanks to the awesome, most wonderful person ever, Don Fox, for referring Phil for this job. Don was the Lighting Tech on the China tour.

I’ve been trying to think of a name for our new travels for when I blog. For China, it was “Adventures in China”. This time it will be adventures in many parts of the world. So …. how about “Where in the World is Team Cain?”. Too cheezy? I’ll keep thinking on it :)

T-minus 15 days until our cruise!