Our Adventures Around the World Continue

I’ve been sitting on some exciting news, waiting for it to all be officia before officially announcing it to the world. Well, I think everything is official enough. And plenty of friends know already.

Phil will be doing several contract jobs for Silversea cruise line over the next year(ish) to install and program new sound equipment on their ships. Why is this so exciting, you may wonder? Because it will be done while the ship is cruising! They have multiple shows and venues on each ship, and he will need to program the new equipment for each one. And why am I so excited for this new (temp, side) job of Phil’s? Because I get to go with him! We are a package deal, y’all!

Our first trip is in November. We will be cruising around …


The Caribbean!


That’s right. Phil gets to work while cruising around Caribbean Islands. And I get to play, errrr … help him. Just like in China :)


It’s a 9 day cruise. We’ll leave from Ft. Lauderdale and visit the British Virgin Islands, St. Barts, St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia, Grenada, and Barbados.

A HUGE thanks to the awesome, most wonderful person ever, Don Fox, for referring Phil for this job. Don was the Lighting Tech on the China tour.

I’ve been trying to think of a name for our new travels for when I blog. For China, it was “Adventures in China”. This time it will be adventures in many parts of the world. So …. how about “Where in the World is Team Cain?”. Too cheezy? I’ll keep thinking on it :)

T-minus 15 days until our cruise!