Kitchen Efficienizing (Part 2 cont’d)

So there’s been a lull in the kitchen work, but never fear! I’m back on track! I (finally) finished the backsplash. I have a tendency to start things and not finish them. I finally got sick of looking at the partly done backsplash. The main thing that was keeping me was the cutting. I had to cut the tiles perfectly to fit into those weird places. I finally thought of a solution: I cut out squares of paper the same size and used those to test first. It worked!



Dratz. You can see water spots. Oh well. That’s what a backsplash is for, right?

Left of sink

I think this spot is my favorite. I could just stand and stare at its shininess all day long.

So that concludes the backsplash project. Total amount of time? Maybe 2 hours. Total amount spent? ~$70 (includes matching switch plates). We are SUPER happy with the results!

Next up, Part 3. Here’s a teaser:

Can you tell what’s new? Super excited about these!!!

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  1. The knobs, right? Are those faucet handles? I totally wanted to that in our bathroom! You rock!

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