Bountiful and Bountifail (Garden) Part 4

Sunflowers! Can’t go wrong with these. You could not water them, and they would still grow. Last year I planted waaay too many. And while that was beautiful, they shaded out many plants and kept them from producing. I strategically companion planted them this year with my beans to give them some shade for the hot months. Then I planted tons around the yard and just left them there for the monsoons to water. The fun thing is I’m using seeds from last year’s flowers. The ones pictured are more golden than last years, and the shading on the pedals is different too. I think they are a hybrid between last year’s Lemon Queen and Mexican Red Torch. Also, many sunflowers popped up on their own from natural re-seeding last year. Fun!

I’m also getting some that are growing multiple, small ones on a stalk, which is characteristic of Lemon Queen.

Obviously, this is, and always will be, a bountiful part of my garden.


Update 8-13-11:

A new hybrid!



I have no idea why this uploaded sideways. And I can’t fix it. Phil – HELP!

This was planted from the seeds saved from last year’s Mammoth Grey Striped Sunflower. It is supposed to be one 8 ft tall stalk with one huge flower on top. This is one HUGE stalk with multiple flowers! It is a cross between the Lemon Queen and the Mammoth. What a fun surprise! And I have a million more seeds to use!

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