Ditches to Stitches

I have to say this name is in the running. Thanks Rosa! So last week I took this article of clothing that was DEFINITELY a “ditches”…

circa 1991?

My mom denies ever having owned this, let alone made it, but I know the truth. I retrieved this bad boy years ago from her bin of scrap fabrics, to use as, well, scrap fabric. I mean, what else could it be used for? Phil actually shuddered when I walked out in it. And when  I asked for a picture, he vehemently protested the documentation of me in such a garment. Of course he had no idea the master plan buzzing around in my (scary) brain!

But with a few stitches (ok, and some¬†snippity snips)….

circa 2010!

Now I know you boys out there (do any boys read this, other than Phil?) are scratching your head and trying to figure out how this is any better. Phil did. But, women, we know the truth. I mean, how cute are these little rompers that are out there floating around? And I didn’t have to spend a penny on mine.

3 Replies to “Ditches to Stitches”

  1. I can’t believe Rosa has challenged me! Oh, it’s on…it’s so on.

  2. Funny, my friend was just telling let night that I should go to design school!

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