Rejected Clothes Get a Makeover

Several months ago, I decided to monitor what clothes in my closet are being worn and which aren’t. Using this helpful strategy from lifehacker, I am aware of my closet rejects hanging around. (Haha, get it? Hanging around?) As I grab them out of my closet to wistfully part with them, I get a burst of creativity. Instead of giving them away, why don’t I see if I can modify them to give them a more updated look. This also goes along with my “shopping diet” plan.

disclaimer: despite all the articles I’ve read on getting good pics for your blog, it comes down to the simple fact that my camera just sucks. Hint, hint Honey!

First up:

Pink Lady!

This isn’t anything too terrible, I know. I think it’s a little long for today’s craze of minis. And just too much pink! I love the ruffles, but… snip snip! Here’s the after:

A new mini

I left the under-slip peeking out too. I thought that was a fun detail!

Next up:

Clowning around!

What is with that collar? Guh. I look like a clown. I don’t know why I ever bought this shirt, and I have not worn it once in an entire year that I have owned it. However, I do like the pattern of the fabric, so out came my seam ripper and…

Buh bye clown collor, hello ruffle straps. I also removed the sleeve as I just felt it was too much “print” and still too much ruffly-ness with them on. I’m totally wearing this right now.

Finally, a simple number that involved NO sewing!

I know, I know – totally cute dress, right? What could be wrong with it? Nothing, fashion wise. The reason I never wear it is because the length says “hello summer!” and the long sleeves say “hello winter!” I’m so confused. And yes, I’ve worn it with tights, I’ve worn it with jeans, I’ve worn it un-buttoned as an over shirt. But it just never did it for me, but it’s so dang cute I’ve kept it. So one simple adjustment – I cut the sleeves to mid bicep. I didn’t even need to hem the edges because I could just roll them a few times. (I apologize for how this next picture really doesn’t show what I did very well, but more shows me playing dress up…)

Hello officer!

Perfect little military dress, fit for summer now. I think I’m going to wear this to Laffs tonight!

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  1. The shirt to tank is very impressive! So much cuter! Good work!

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