Inspirations of Blueberries

Given the praise “The best blueberry muffins you’ve ever had” (by smitten kitchen) they are indeed the best blueberry muffins I’ve ever had. However, I am going to make them better! By the by…no, that is not a stock photo. Yes, those are MY muffinitos. And yes, those are flower pots.

What made these muffins uncommonly tasty was, I believe, the use of plain yogurt, lemon zest, and a substantial amount of butter. My variations to those were the use of unsalted butter, plain greek yogurt (hey, it’s what I had on hand), and a little less lemon zest than called for. There were also some specific directions in how to mix the batter, which through my experience with cookies, does make a difference.

As I munch on these mouth-melting muffins, I am already thinking of adjustments for the next batch. I realize while the lemon zest gives the muffins a unique “zest”, I am not the zestiest lover of zest. It calls for 1 tsp. I used 3/4ths. Next time I will use only a pinch.

My next thought is to use vanilla yogurt instead of plain. Yes, more sugar, but I also really like the taste of vanilla, and I also have a sweet tooth.  I guess a non-sugary option would be to add a generous amount of vanilla extract.  But when writing this, I realized that I do enjoy the thicklyness and creamlyness of greek yogurt, and I wonder if sweetening it with a little honey and/or vanilla extract first would also produce delightful results (because I love the taste of greek yogurt with honey)? Maybe I will split the batter in half and test both.

Last, I absolutely love cinnamon in my muffins. I think every muffin needs cinnamon. So therefore, regardless of the above attempts at adjustment, I will be adding a generous amount of cinnamon to the next batch of batter.

I challenge you to try this recipe – try the original or  try an untested variation of mine or yours!

3 Replies to “Inspirations of Blueberries”

  1. these sound tasty!! wonder if i can do as well…i have minimal baking tools. :P
    yours look wonderfully delicious~!

  2. hmmm, well the only “special” thing needed for this recipe is muffin pans lol. A hand mixer made the mixing process much easier, but it is not needed.

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