Inspired to Go Granola

Yet another inspiration to bake.  I found this recipe from lifehacker. It was a simple recipe with most ingredients on hand. I did have to make a special trip to get wheatgerm and wheat flour. As I was baking, I thought the mixture looked suspiciously like oatmeal cookie dough and thought, “Well, this is no different.” Even after I pulled them from the oven I thought, “This just looks like a giant square cookie.”  But then I bit into one…heavenliness. They are chewier than cookies and taste like a true granola bar. They also have this delightful buttery taste, even though there is no butter in the recipe.  I put extra cinnamon in them, of course.

This recipe is amazing because you can adjust it anyway you like. Chocolate chips, dried fruit(s), nuts of your choice, flax seed, bran, egg substitutes, honey substitutes…whatever suits your fancy or dietary needs. I decided to be a little healthy and forgo the chocolate chips, despite how tempting it was.

It was not time-consuming at all, and results were fantastic. Phil and I plopped down with one (or two…or three) and a big glass of cold milk. So go ahead, dig in!