It’s Official – I have no idea what I’m doing

I sometimes receive incoming links from random blogs of random people I’ve never heard of – the blogosphere is mind-bogglingly large and interconnected. I also hear kudos from my friends, family (even Grandma) for the content and how intelligently I write.

So now it is time to remind everyone that I have no idea what I’m doing. I was gifted (or maybe I was trained) with the ability to write in English according to American style guide standards. I have less ministry experience than most of my ministerial peers. I have been blessed with an ability to merely touch a computer to make it work (you think I’m joking), but cursed with a hatred for the software that runs those computers. Don’t forget that I have, on occasion, wandered into the “Mumblings” half of “InspiredMumblings.”

I will continue to blog my thoughts on ministry, theology, Google, and Ubuntu (wink wink), and I appreciate the recognition for my humble attempt at a contribution to the blogosphere. But to keep things real, let me remind you that I’m 24 sans college degree, and I truly and honestly have no idea what I’m doing.

As an aside, I think God puts us in places like this when we are about to get into something big. Pantano has asked me, along with Bryan Lee, to be the leaders of a movement into the younger unchurched cultures. I don’t know what that looks like yet (to be honest, nobody has a good idea what that looks like yet). I do know that my passion is right there, reaching people that have rejected church (or people that the church has rejected). This isn’t like Uganda, where you can find a people group who has never heard the gospel. This is America’s rebellion, America’s next revolution – the Generation Next who have embraced postmodernism, postliteracy and postreligion. They’ve split into a thousand subcultures, each grouping based on interests or ideals, and not on geographic location. They reject the church as yet another means of control, or sometimes they reject it simply just because Republicans embrace it. This is the culture (and thousand subcultures) that I have been called to serve. Fantastically unsettling, isn’t it? More updates on this coming soon!

3 Replies to “It’s Official – I have no idea what I’m doing”

  1. i know exactly how you feel… when this idea / opportunity came up i immediately thought…. i have no idea what i am doing.
    proof that American education doesn’t really do a whole lot for your confidence.


  2. My darling,

    If you did think you knew what you were doing, then God wouldn’t want to use you very much, if at all. A contrite spirit is the best offering to Him. However, in my unbiased, entirely accurate opinion – I think you are amazing with so many gifts and talents (Yes – gifts/talents! They are not just random things that happen b/c you touch something). Keep your eyes lifted up, He will guide you where you are supposed to go.

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