You mean we don’t stop getting older?

It happened 3 months ago, but I’m just now realizing the full scope and damage of an ever-moving life and reaching 24 years. Life is short and eternity is long. To quote Pastor John Piper, “too long to regret a wasted life.”

Although we have no control of it, we are…we exist, and will exist forever. I understand the truth of it, but not the why. Why are we here at all? Is it to love, honor, and praise God? I can’t help but have a mind of reason that seeks the cold, hard facts of life, the universe, and everything. (“42” is almost an acceptable answer – it’s easy to remember). So to reflect on the idea that eternity is “too long to regret a wasted life,” I keep arriving at the conclusion that I regret much, and can’t find a peaceful resolution.

Our pipes froze two nights ago, but thankfully didn’t burst. Others’ pipes did burst, so I can’t complain that I didn’t get to shower until the afternoon. We certainly covered those evil copper protrusions last night. It’s really cold in Tucson for some reason! What happened to global warming?

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2 thoughts on “You mean we don’t stop getting older?”

  1. I would personally like to think that our purpose is to not only to worship God, but to take joy in him. A great part of that joy is the forgiveness we find in his grace and sacrifice. Knowing that all my past actions and regrets can’t really come back to haunt me enables me to feel joy without the restraint of my imperfections. As far as “Eternity is too long to regret a wasted life.” I can’t help but be drawn to the idea that, very soon, I will have existed as a perfect creature longer than an imperfect one. The idea that this mortal toil is soon to be but a distant memory, and minor one at that, means that I really shouldn’t be waisting my, or God’s, time with regrets and “what if’s”. Accepting my sin nature is a part of accepting God’s forgiveness. And though it is not a very flattering aspect of my existence, I can’t get around the fact that it will be a daily part of it until the time that I am finally allowed to shed this soft, fleshy and delicate facade of what was intended for me for the real deal. When that day finally comes, I will have the Joy of truly experiencing God in high definition with 5.1 surround sound, rather than in this low quality boot-leg that I must make the best of now.

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