On MySpace Lameness

MySpace is a horrible excuse and attempt at a social networking site. I was playing the “social networking” game way back before the first “Dot Bomb,” and in the primitive vernacular, it was called “Six Degrees.” Now, MySpace is spreading like a viral disease, infecting innocent and formerly sane Millenials, while leaving a trail of non-Standards-compliant web mucas. Where Slashdot is a hive mind of individuals who think alike, but who each retain their own unique individuality, MySpace has become a hive mind of mindless zombies, ready to move on Rupert Murdoch’s every whim.


IN OTHER NEWS, now that the SABDFL has announced plans for Dapper+1, I have the perfect opportunity to start mapping my visions for Ubuntu into specifications for the Edgy Eft release, which will be decidely more daring than previous Ubuntu releases. I also have enough time to brush up some coding skills and actually contribute something more than a lame little package menu.